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Hannah and Clayton

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Our Story

Clayton and Hannah first met on September 9th, 2022, when Clay and his sister, Makenzie and Mia, were visiting Southern California. Hannah met Mackenzie while in YWAM, and she could not pass up the opportunity to hang out with her the only afternoon she was in California. Upon meeting, Hannah and Clayton were both intrigued and infatuated with one another. Clayton took a leap of faith and came back to California 2 months later to spend more time and get to know Hannah. And from that first trip, blossomed a beautiful, long distance relationship with Clayton and Hannah visiting each other every other week between California and Colorado. Despite thinking she could never live somewhere that was cold, from her first trip in Steamboat Springs, Hannah fell in love with Colorado. She will never forget the first time she went on a snowmobile ride with Clay, and she was relived once they survived the excursion. Clay and Hannah are both big foodies, and love trying out new restaurants. They bonded over a music artist, Slander, and enjoy going to concerts whenever they get the chance. They love being able to visit Clay's hometown of Windom Minnesota, and Hannah loved getting to know Clay's big and wonderful family. Clay fit right into Hannah's family and became very close to her brothers and parents. After 7 months, Clay proposed to Hannah, and she was totally surprised. They had a wonderful evening celebrating with close family and friends, and it was such a magical moment that they got to share together.